About Us

Climate Adaptation Works partners are experts across the range of adaptation issues:


  • Assessing impacts - translating climatic changes into how they affect humans and the environment. 

  • Costing impacts.

  • Evaluating options to reduce vulnerability, adapt to climate change.

  • Undertaking economic, financial, and policy planning for climate adaptation.

  • Designing measures and systems to finance, engineer, and implement adaptation projects and policies.

Our Vulnerability Reduction Credit 
(VRC™) Initiative

To encourage sustainable investment in climate adaptation projects, Climate Adaptation Works founder Karl Schultz came up with the concept of the climate "Vulnerability Reduction Credit" and co-founded an initiative called The Higher Ground Foundation (HGF).  The HGF is a team effort involving members with wide variety of expertise and experience.

VRCs are an economic measure of the effects of climate change adaptation

projects in reducing vulnerability.

HGF has been active in developing and promoting the VRC through the following actions.:

  • We have drafted and gone through an experts validation and public consultation for our VRC Standard Framework, and 

  • We have launch the Pilot Implementation and Partnerships Phase (PIPP) to build the know-how and on-the-ground experience of deploying VRC-generating projects.

We intend to spin-off The Higher Ground Foundation into an independent, not-for-profit organisation to administer and further grow a system of international, project based VRCs.

CAW offers a "VRC Rapid Assessment" service that provides a first-order evaluation of project potential to generate VRC.  

For more information, please visit The Higher Ground Foundation Website: