Data Analytics Procurement

The climate adaptation challenge is a global issue whose impacts are everywhere local in terms of the effects on your business and infrastructure. Although it is easier to understand past, present, and, to a certain extent, near-future impacts, climate scientists have for decades been developing tools that, within understood levels of uncertainty, anticipate regional and even local risks years and decades into the future.

Unfortunately, the market for such tools and for precision climate data in general is still developing, leaving the potential consumer to contend with a jungle of terminology, a de-centralized array of service providers, and no authoritative guidance on how to effectively navigate this system. 

Furthermore, even once it has been correctly identified and obtained, it can be difficult to translate such data into relevant impacts; this can require sectoral and project development specialists.

Climate Adaptation Works has the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the steps of the adaptation process. We can help you understand and take advantage of the climate data and modelling space through  downscaling products and data tailored to your needs. We can then identify the appropriate sectoral tools and experts that can apply these data products to the development of solutions that protect businesses and communities.

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