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Data Analytics Procurement
Image by Max Böttinger
The climate change is a global issue whose impacts are everywhere local, as are the effects on  business and infrastructure.
Past, present and near-future impacts are easy to evaluate.


Climate Adaptation Works practice has developed tools and services to better evaluate climate risks over time and identify appropriate adaptation measures to build resilience.


Understanding the impact risks and corresponding adaptations are critical for the sustained success of the organization. Our methodology also supports a better informed articulation of risk and value allocation in investment decision

How better understand levels of uncertainty and anticipate regional and local risks years and decades into the future?
Downscaled Projections

“Long-term forecasts,” also called downscaled projections, have become increasingly available to users outside of the scientific community and now regularly achieve resolutions within 5 km or less.

Unfortunately, the market for such tools and for precision climate data in general is still developing, leaving the potential consumer to contend with a jungle of terminology, a de-centralized array of service providers, and no authoritative guidance on how to effectively navigate this system. Furthermore, the data needed to support impact assessment is often not publicly available (or so decentralized and hidden behind difficult-to-navigate file protocols that it might as well be private). As a result, first-time users can potentially waste time and effort, ultimately gaining no greater technical insight than they began with.

Climate Adaptation Works has, over the past decade, built a strong capacity to help you understand and take advantage of the climate data and modelling space. In addition to our working contacts with firms and organizations that provide downscaling products and manage data portals, we have worked with infrastructure and relevant adaptation professionals in applying these data products to the development of validated methodologies that protect businesses and communities.

We have the capability to guide you through the entire process of applying downscaled modeling in grappling with your climate challenges---from a definitive framing of the specific climate modalities that your business and supply chain face; to an identification of the products and data sets that can tell you how these modalities are going to change in the future; to a handoff to or collaboration with the climate experts who can tailor or locate a model for you; to using the results to take further action to protect your long-term sustainability using CAW’s other tools and offerings.    

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