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Adaptation Planning & Evaluation
Climate Adaptation Works offers focussed services that allow you to integrate climate adaptation into your planning, monitoring, and evaluation processes. 

Our adaptation planning approach includes integrating empirical analytical tools to understand climate risk and adaptation benefits and costs, and deploying state-of-the-art metrics including our climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit (VRC™).
Approach & Methodology

Standards, Program and Project M&E, Adaptation in Grants Design and Evaluation

Climate Adaptation Works can help make sense of how climate risk and adaptation fit with your organization's work with standards, M&E, and grant making and evaluation. We created the Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation (AMME) Framework and applied it to international standards for adaptation. 

Adaptation Planning & Metrics - AMME and VRCs

Across all sectors of society and the economy, adaptation planning requires a recognition that existing assets and practices may no longer serve society or business as well, and deploying the tools to adapt. Climate Adaptation Works offers cutting-edge approaches to understanding the metrics, finance instruments like the Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation (AMME) Framework and the climate Vulnerability Reduction Credits (VRCs™), along with adaptation planning services to face the future with better decisions.

Image by Max Böttinger
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