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Climate Risk Quantification
Climate Adaptation Works' tools enable informed decision making. The quantification of physical and transition climate risks for a project or company is a necessary first step to embarking on your resilience journey.

Adaptation Strategy Valuation (ASV™) and Adaptation Real Options Analysis (ARO™) translate risks into opportunities by enhancing corporate value with adaptation strategies.

Our experts evaluate your projects to identify and quantify risks, allowing you to select adaptation strategies that reduce identified vulnerability.

Adaptation Strategy Valuation (ASV™)

A powerful tool for investment decision-making and for climate change vulnerability and adaptation planning, ASV supports a better-informed articulation of your risk and value allocation in investment decisions. Learn more

Adaptation Real Options Analysis (ARO™)


ARO allows an investor to defer what would be a money-losing investment under climate uncertainty to a future date at which the investment would make net returns. It enables more confident planning when climate impacts are unclear today but potentially critical in the future. Learn more

Tools & Methodology

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