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Climate Adaption Works Logo (updated New)-01.jpg
Standards, Program and Project M&E

Adaptation metrics are especially challenging given the complexity of climate adaptation and resilience and what it means to different stakeholders involved in  adaptation activities. Climate Adaptation Works has developed a portfolio of three analytical services to help clients measure their projects' and programs' success over time

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CAW experts can help strengthen your adaptation standards. Our review methodology consists of a combined quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the framework (hazard, threat, exposure, adaptive capacity).

CAW's Tools and Innovation Leader is an author of the  Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation Framework (AMME), a tool to help clients review and improve  international metrics and evaluation frameworks. Find out more about AMME.

What we do

Benchmark and Alignment with Recognized Standards

Training & Education on Adaptation Best Practices

Development and Technical Review of metrics, and framework scopes

Testing & Implementation

program and project monitoring & evaluation

Adaptation M&E requires clarity in developing the appropriate metrics and tools to ensure that new and existing capacity are accurately accounted for.  Climate Adaptation Works' Program & Project M&E team analyzes the consistency, relevancy, and accuracy of all metrics to ensure overall project robustness.

What we do

M&E Capacity Evaluation and Building

Personnel & Technology

External & Internal Data Gathering

Database & Blockchain Solutions

Drafting, Execution & Revision of M&E Plans 

Third-party Auditor Services

Vulnerability Reduction Credit mechanism and Adaptation M&E systems and plans integration

Evaluation and monitoring of climate adaptation programs and projects

M&E is a requisite to ensure that adaptation activities and systems are effective at reducing vulnerability

grants for adaptation projects must consider their sustainable capacity over time


Resilience is the goal of long-term adaptation actions. It is also complex and often elusive, and the challenge of designing and implementing climate adaptation plans, programs, and projects for long-term resilience is a challenging one.

Do you need assistance incorporating effective adaptation actions and measures in your projects?  

We work with grantmakers and donor institutions to build social and economic incentives and quantified impact measures into program and proposal design and implementation. 

Your program will have the built-in tools to help you evaluate which actions and incentives increase effective outcomes - not just a year after project completion, but during implementation. 

We can work with and train your program implementation partners, academic and industry grantees and their subcontractors.

What we do

Evaluate grantmaker and donor programs for climate adaptation

Program design

Quantified impacts of outcomes

Integrate adaptation projects, measures & evaluation into programs 

Align projects with agency, government objectives

Incorporate adaptation in requests for proposals

To implementation partners

To grantees and contractors

Deploy incentives in adaptation project design for long-term success

Vulnerability Reduction Credits and others

Social and economic incentives

Directly to project participants

Training for your partners and grantees 

Evaluate and Monitor climate adaptation programs and projects during and after project performance

Climate Adaptation Works has extensive experience in the design of adaptation M&E plans and execution of adaptation evaluations and monitoring activities. CAW experts developed the climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit (VRC™) and can help integrate it into adaptation M&E, and created the Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation Framework (AMME) and have helped clients to in the review and improvement of major international metrics and evaluation frameworks. The AMME Framework is sanctioned by the International Platform on Adaptation Metrics as a standard for evaluating and coming up with metrics, and Climate Adaptation Works has client experience deploying the Framework.

Climate Adaptation Works team is here to help. We want to hear about your grants evaluation program!

companies must grapple with the challenge of overcoming uncertainty while financing impactful projects

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