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Image by Joonas Sild
Image by Alex Azabache

The Road to Resilience Begins Here

Climate Adaptation Works

Coastline City

Built Environment



Our team has expertise in urban, rural, riparian and coastal environments that focus on adaptations in the built environment. Our quantified impact assessments will help you prioritize policies, programs, plans and investments with data-driven decisions.   
Decades of experience in the energy sector put the CAW team in a unique position to identify market needs, gaps and future paths. From climate impact assessment to Adaptation Strategy Valuation or physical and transitional climate risk disclosure, our team is equipped to guide each client to address their unique challenges.
Expertise and a wide international network in the agricultural sector are essential to grasp the complexity and diversity of climate impacts and corresponding adaptation solutions. From a crop impact assessment to a VRC-based projects analysis or quantified adaptation strategy, our team is here to listen and advise on the best solutions for each project.
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